Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Kyle Cooper - 2ND REVOLUTION

'The desktop publishing revolution gave way to the film-making revolution.'

Kyle argued that anyone who could make books could now make films and animation. On any given day we could be authors or film directors, depending on the software. Kyle stated that, "No Graphic Design curriculum would be complete without the study of Motion Graphics."
Kyle felt the only thing that topped this was the introduction of the 3RD REVOLUTION - THE INTERNET.

My View/s on the second theory


I like how accessible it is now for anyone to have a go at being a film maker / motion graphics designer, due to modern software. It's given me the chance to try it out for myself for example. It enables a designer to see if motion graphics is an area they'd like to persue. With use of the '3RD REVOLUTION,' the internet, one can then learn tutorials on how to use the programme, and through dedicated hours produce industry standard work. Through peers criting work and feedback recieved, a designer can decide if he / she will carry on using the programmes.

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