Thursday, 20 January 2011


Really nice piece of motion graphics about the Education System failing in America. This could have all been done in After Effects I think. Really nice transitions between the imagery. The content is really clever in general and it is really fun / easy to watch!

Wednesday, 19 January 2011


A short piece about a Dynamic Breaking System on trains. Bloody love it!



'The Web. The ability for everyone to share their work.'

These were Kyle's thoughts on the internet.
"With the internet everyone could now send their creative products all over the world. Everyone's work would be considered, and everyone's opinion could be heard. The race was on, not necessarily to do something that people needed to see, but more pressingly, to do SOMETHING NO ONE HAD SEEN BEFORE!

My View/s on the third theory

I also like this 'so called' revolution.' It gives designers a platform to share / market what they have produced to a MASS audience. This gaining them recognition, the possibility of future work. However, it is easy for one designer to  copy another. With a constant flow of new Graphic Design, it could be hard to spot an original idea, and who had the idea / produced the work in the first place!

Kyle Cooper - 2ND REVOLUTION

'The desktop publishing revolution gave way to the film-making revolution.'

Kyle argued that anyone who could make books could now make films and animation. On any given day we could be authors or film directors, depending on the software. Kyle stated that, "No Graphic Design curriculum would be complete without the study of Motion Graphics."
Kyle felt the only thing that topped this was the introduction of the 3RD REVOLUTION - THE INTERNET.

My View/s on the second theory


I like how accessible it is now for anyone to have a go at being a film maker / motion graphics designer, due to modern software. It's given me the chance to try it out for myself for example. It enables a designer to see if motion graphics is an area they'd like to persue. With use of the '3RD REVOLUTION,' the internet, one can then learn tutorials on how to use the programme, and through dedicated hours produce industry standard work. Through peers criting work and feedback recieved, a designer can decide if he / she will carry on using the programmes.

Kyle Cooper - Prologue Films

When researching theories and debates about motion graphics, I found what Kyle Cooper from Prologue Films had to say was quite interesting.

He talks about there being 3 REVOLUTIONS in Graphic Design.

The use of computers for graphic design (e.g. poster making) having an adverse effect. I quote Kyle from the book Motion by Design, "Instead of cutting up xerox copies, taking photographs, or actually drawing, as was usually the case, the entire class made posters on Adobe Illustrator. They all looked EXACTLY the same! Geometrically rendered flat, colourful shapes permeated the hallowed halls." He then adds,
" THE FORM WAS DICATATED BY THE MACHINE, AND SO, SURPRISINGLY, WAS SOME OF THE CONTENT." I particularly like that last quote, and agree with it.

Kyle felt overnight the class had become fixated with this new technological language. "They momentarily lost sight of their own creative process, and some even forgot the reasons why they had become artists and image makers in the first place." Soon no Graphic Design curriculum would exist without computers.

My View/s on the first theory


I feel that to create more successful Graphic Design you should have your idea and a general feel for the aesthetics of your work before getting on the mac. Not to get on the computer first and let it influence the looks / feel of your work.

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Wednesday, 5 January 2011


The man who created the gun shot at the start of Bond films! Classic


Really like the feel of this ident done for the bbc.

This Discovery Knowledge advert has aspects of design that I'd really like to use in my personal project.

Discovery Knowledge from Heavenly on Vimeo.


Here is Saul Bass's title sequence for North by NorthWest in 1959. The film "Moon" released in 2009, had similar techniques used on the title sequence; with the type running at different angles and perspectives. Couldn't find the title sequence, but in the video at the bottom there is a bit of type with the aesthetic.